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About Us

We're more than just your Health Insurance Agency

Since 2010, Marc & Mariselle Butler has been dedicated to helping our community understand plan options by educating and empowering beneficiaries about their health options. They started this agency to expand their reach in the community, and now serve 30 states in the USA. Today our 25+ Benefit Advisors are licensed health insurance agents who represent most major health insurance plans giving our clients the freedom to compare and choose the best plan for their needs. Either F2F,  via Telephone or Email

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We are an award-winning agency!

Free Lifetime Support

We’re dedicated to serving you and your family as customers for life. For access to your own personal agent, we’re only a call or click away.

Competitive Plans

With our excellent selection of top health insurance carriers, you can rest assured you’re choosing from the best plans on the market – guaranteed.

Rocket Fast Help

Your plan comes with VIP service, for anytime you need us. In fact, we’re available to assist even if you don’t purchase one of our plans! – contact us today.